Top Most Paying Companies In Nigeria, Workers Salary Per Month

Top Most Paying Companies In Nigeria, Workers Salary Per Month

Currently, I can say that Nigeria is one of the Industrious Country in African. Despite the Crises and Insecurity all over the Nation, Nigeria is a better Home for Investment.

Most companies are now owned by Nigerian and by so doing; they attract more tax and yet still maintain the highest recruiting companies.

What you will learn here is Most Paying Companies In Nigeria that are top ranking. If you do find this so interesting, why not go ahead to read more below here.

Most Paying Companies In Nigeria

1. Globacom Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria mostly called Glo by several Nigerians started operation on the 29th August 2003 after being lunched that same year.

Owned by a very popular indigenous entrepreneur Mr Mike Adenuga, Globacom has been one the telecommunication giant in the country.

This information technology company has with time spread across several countries in the world. Countries like Benin Republic, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are few of the countries Globacom are established and employing directly up to about 3000 workers in the process.

Here is the salary structure of staffs at Globacom Nigeria.


N687,500 per month


N370,000 per month

Entry level

N90,000 per month

Contract staff

N56,000 per month

2. Interswitch Limited

Interswitch limited are the producers and owners of verve debit card which is one of the most used debit card currently in Nigeria.

Interswitch technology uses infrastructure to merge different banks in Nigeria. Moreover they (interswitch) are the ones who provide the technology that runs the ATM.

Interswitch Limited was established by Mitchell Elegbe after resigning as the Head of marketing and business solution at Telnet Nigeria.

Interswitch has over time expanded it brand and not too long ago lunching their Verve card in Kenya and probably hoping to extend more.

So, how much is Interswitch paying their staffs, here is the breakdown.

Software Engineer monthly salaries

N154,500 per month

Client Services

N230,000 per month

Software Developer

N150,000 per month

3. MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria has been one of the most used networks in Nigeria. Very popular for their relatively cheap call rate, this has helped them in toppling other companies in their category.

MTN Nigeria was launched in 2001 but they were already operating in South Africa which is where they originated. Nigerian communication commission recently published a statistic showing that MTN is the most used mobile operator in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria has achieved so much, but do they really give back in a way of payment to their staff? Here is what MTN staffs take home.

Entry level Staffs

N80,000 per month


Ranges from N390,000 per month


N775,000 per month

Contract staffs

Ranges N45,000 per month

4. 9Mobile

9Mobile before 14th July 2014 was known as Etisalat, a company which have their origin in the United Arab Emirates and has over time established in many other countries in the world.

Etisalat Nigeria as formerly called sold their operating right to a Nigerian company which led to a change of nomenclature.

9Mobile blaze data has always been a point of strength for this company as they currently have the fastest mobile data network, something that has always been there back in the days of Etisalat, meaning the quality never declined even with the switch of ownership.

So how much is 9Mobile paying their staffs?

Managerial Personnel

N1,180,000 per month


N616,000 per month

Entry Level Staffs

N141,000 per month

Contract Staffs

From N50,000 to N70,000 per month

5. Ericsson Nigeria

Ericsson Nigeria is an information technology company that manages, develop and deliver telecommunication networks to companies by developing software, hardware and other value added services that constantly enable full value of connectivity.

Originally a Swedish company, Ericsson Nigeria is one of the biggest information and technology company in the country at the moment.

This IT company have extended its brand to many countries in the world, operating in more than twenty countries and also leading the line in the areas of Business support, fixed broadband, video system and mobile.

Here is what Ericsson Nigeria pay their staffs.

Service Engineer

N291,000 per month

Experienced Service engineer

N542,000 per month

Software Architect Intern

N900,000 per month

6. Google Nigeria

Google has been one the most amazing company in the world, bloggers can attest to that. Google has been the most reliable search engine over time now.

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, google has gone on to take over the world, establishing in almost every country in the world.

Here is how much Google staffs are taking home monthly.

Software Developers

Ranges from N500,000 to N1,000,000

Technical Officers

Ranges from N800,000 to N1,200,000

7. IBM Nigeria

IBM has been one the oldest brands in Nigeria when it comes to software and hardware manufacturing. International Business Machine IBM are giant in cloud Computing, IT infrastructure, industry solutions, mobile, IT security, commerce, financing, development, business consulting and hosting services.

International Business Machine IBM have had their products and innovation center spread across different countries around the world, having their Nigerian office situated at 6th floor, Churchgate Tower 2, plot PC 31, Churchgate street (former Afribak street) Victoria Island Lagos.

This is how much IBM is paying their staffs.

Technical officers

N600,000 per month

Software developers

N500,000 per month

8. Huawei

Huawei technological company limited is a giant when it comes to information technology. Huawei was first established in China and has since expanded to over 170 countries in the world.

Huawei currently employs more than 180,000 people directly around the world and are also collaborating with Ecosystem partners, working to empower lots of people, enriching life and creating long lasting values for their customers in providing quality services.

Here is what Huawei technology pay their staffs.

Network Engineer

N140,000 per month

Transmission Front Office Engineer

N200,000 per month

Software Engineer

N185,000 per month

9. Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria has emerge as one the telecommunication giant in the country so far. Airtel Nigeria is a member of the Airtel African Group, providing affordable, innovative and quality mobile services to its customers, which has made them to gain more loyal subscribers.

Airtel has an Indian origin was first established in 1986 by Sunil Bharti Mittal, having their first official partnership with Siemens AG a German company.

Haven dominated so many countries with their quality services and employing thousands of workers worldwide, how much do they pay their staffs here in Nigeria?

Managerial Personnel




Entry Level Staffs


Contract Staffs


10. MainOne

This is another indigenous information technology company that is very powerful and quickly taking over this very sector.

MainOne are one the leading providers of quality network services, providing much needed solutions to major telecommunication operators in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries.

The salary structure of staffs at MainOne is as follows.

Software Developer

N250,000 per month



Technical Officer


These are the top ten paying IT companies in Nigeria at the time this article is written.


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