These are the Health Benefit Of Jatropha Tanjorensis (Hospital Too Far)

These are the Health Benefit Of Jatropha Tanjorensis (Hospital Too Far)

It has come to be that Jatropha Tanjorensis also known as “Efo Iyanapaja,” or “ewe Americana” has a health benefits that is very important.

Through our research, I have come to share this interesting segment of Health post especially to people that May likely see meaning to it.

It is obvious that health is wealth and when one is healthy, he is mentally okay. This is why it is very necessary to take some of this recipe very serious.

On this ground, sharing the benefits of Jatropha Tanjorensis and its benefits will go along away to teach us new discovery that will help us in later.

Health Benefit Of Jatropha Tanjorensis (Hospital Too Far)

  1. Good for curing blisters, sores and itching: Simply cut some Jatropha Tanjorensis leaves, wash in clean water and put in blender. Blend thoroughly to squeeze out sap(juice).
  2. Apply juice on blister or scar and allow to dry up. The skin will absorb the sap which is rich in protein and vitamin essential for a healthy skin.
  3. Cure For Rheumatism : Jatropha Tanjorensis gives an amazing cure to the rheumatics. Those worn out joints which lack lubrication and flexibility resulting in severe pains for the rheumatics are easily treated with Jatropha Tanjorensis solution.
  4. Simply wash leaves, boil and drink regularly to benefit from its flavonoid, anti-oxide, protein and calcium content, which helps to facilitate recovery from rheumatism. Leaves can also be added to soup or stew to get desired result
  5. Ease Digestion and Defecation: “Hospital too far” is a sure bet out of constipation or indigestion. Chewing Jatropha leaves helps to smoothen the process of digestion and ease the process of defecation.
  6. If you are one of those who go through labour in the toilet, then think Jatropha leaves. You will definitely kiss your peculiar challenge goodbye when you consume Jatropha leaves. Inflammation Reliever : Chewing Jatropha leaves also helps to relieve one from pains caused by inflammation of bones or muscles or gum or teeth.
  7. This herb works wonders as pains are almost immediately eliminated for a perfect health. Leaves can also be boiled in clean water and the water gotten from the boiling process consumed. Either way, the desired result won’t be far fetched.
  8. Cure for Fever: Jatropha leaves also helps to fight fever, especially in children whose antibodies and immune system are not fully developed. The presence of anti-oxide in Jatropha leaves makes it possible to conquer fever and cold. Drinking water extracted from boiled Jatropha leaves or putting cuts of the leaves on the forehead of an ailing child can save the day
  9. Solution to Skin Problems: The skin is always exposed to risks of diseases because it is the first contact of bacteria and disease causing pathogens. When your skin is affected by eczema, ringworm or inflammatory disorder, you can get cure by attaching Jatropha leaves on the surface of affected skin area until sap is properly absorbed.

Jatropha leaves is not only prescribed for patients, it serves both preventive and curative measures. The herb can also be harnessed in dealing with vaginal discharge which affects the reproductive system. It is also perfect for penile enlargement, when the sap of Jatropha leaves is consumed judiciously.


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