Super Dose Herbal Capsule – Immune Boosting Drug

Super Dose Herbal Capsule – Immune Boosting Drug – update on super dose herbal capsule and how to know more about the drug will be explained in this platform. An immune booster natural medicine for adults between the age of 18 years & above.

Super Dose Herbal Capsule – the capsule is meant for the Treatment and Prevention of Pathogenic Infections and the Boosting of Immune System which also act as supplements to the body. Some of the infections to be cured by the capsule includes sexually transmitted diseases like low sperm counts, infertility in woman, poor erection, quick ejaculation, menstruation pains, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc

Immune boosting Natural medicine – a drug produced under Universal Alternative Therapy Discovery (U.A.T.D.) which was very effective for treatment of infections. This supplement is so effective and it contains 30 capsules in one container. Some of the infections will be listed below here.

Super Dose Herbal Capsule – Immune Boosting Drug

Health is wealth, if you are not informed, you will be deformed and with that, you cannot perform.

List of some infections that were alleged to be treated by super dose herbal capsule:

Infertility in Woman

Poor Erection

Quick Ejaculation

Low Sperm Count





Urinary Tract Infection

Vagina Discharge

Menstrual Flow







Eye Infection

Ear Infection
Food Poisioning

Stomach Ulcer



Heart Attack



Heart Palpitation

Skin Infections


Fire Burn


Yellow Fever

Chronic Cough

Waist Pain

Chest Pain

Head Ache

Pile Etc 

How to Use the Drug – Super Dose Herbal Capsule

Super dose herbal capsule is a capsule for treatment and prevention of infection. It contains 20 capsules per pack and is advisable to take two capsules on daily basis for morning and night.

Don’t forget that children below 18 years and pregnant women are not advised to take it.

You can get the drug anywhere in some of the states, and you can still watsapp me on 07060847718 for enquires.

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  1. Genesis ezekiel says

    i just start taken super dose yesterday,following by today, i can feel the changes in my body,but kind food should be taken while taken the drug?

  2. Please I started taken super dose four days ago but it making to feel heavy. Please advise me on what to do

  3. Bro. Joseph says

    I and my wife started taking Superdose yesterday, it only make us feel weak but others said if the supplement did not make you purge, meaning is not effectives… how true is this statement plx. we are taking it on STI cases. Is it necessary one purge before it work?

  4. Bro. Joseph says

    Yes Sir, we experiencing weakness of the body. Please I need five tin of it, where can get it this today? Thanks.

  5. Bro Joseph says

    O yes, send me ur acct. number plx. I will take care of the way bill expenses. Hope u will reduce money for me?

  6. How are my going to get the medicine? Here is my contact, 08173982822, am in Lagos

  7. Please how much isn’t I need it like how much please let me know right now

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