MTN Mega Lottery Game & HOW TO WIN

MTN Mega Lottery Game & HOW TO WIN – MTN Mega Hunt promotions lottery is a contest that gives MTN subscribers the chance to win exciting prizes, including an SUV, electronics, and cash prizes from daily and weekly at the end of each month.

The Mega promotions to give subscribers a chance to choose from three different categories apply:

  • MTN Freeland – Standard nominal arm
  • MTN Mega Hunt (VIP Class) – Premium mobile Trivia
  • Master Class (Discovery) – Infotainment Service, where they can enjoy an infotainment nominal having the option to select the content category liking.

MTN Freeland – Standard mobile Trivia

STANDARD candidates to enjoy Trivia Game and participate in the daily and weekly STANDARD draws, gifts.

To become a STANDARD candidates SERVICE you need to send an SMS to short code 38427 or dial USSD code * 173 * 2 #.

Each MO SMS sent to 38427 (participation SMS) or call to * 173 * 2 # and all MTS 38427 is free apart from the daily charge statement that will be sent from the 38427.

MTN Mega Hunt (VIP Class) – Premium mobile Trivia

PREMIUM candidates subscribing to the optional subscription service that gives subscribers more seems less in comparison with being STANDARD participating in the daily cost of 100 NGN per day until the end of modern SERVICE.

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To become a PREMIUM participants in the Service you need to either dial USSD code * 173 * 1 # and follow the instructions or send an SMS to short code 38427. Specific Keywords- as “VIP” and “OK” to send short code 38427 and pleased with the result confirmation request (Double Opt-in).

Only on the second confirmed quickly to subscribers would be considered a candidate for service in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. No charges will apply until the aforementioned confirmation process is complete. A subscriber can enter the VIP Class SMS by following the prompts as standard candidates.

For the rest SERVICE, Premium subscriber will be automatically sent one SMS per day (Subscription SMS) through the 38427 short code added in tight DAILY & Weekly PREMIUM draw charging 100 naira (including all taxes). For a premium subscriber to be eligible for free Prize specific time, he / she must be successfully charged at least once in that time.

MTN Mega Lottery Game & HOW TO WIN

Master Class – The Infotainment Service

Master class, running in parallel and fed through the Service, allows subscribers to enjoy infotainment nominal having the option to select the content category liking (ecosystem, Health barometer, World Records) and enjoy infotainment trivial questions and answers regularly while receiving different approach facts around specific category.

In addition to improving service, prizes will be given out (SUV / month) in the following manner:

  • Subscribers enter the Monthly Draw 50 points over the first subscription, but the draw for the month in which they enter into service.
  • Subscribers have the option to select the content category liking but after successful treatment N20 / day

To subscribe to the Infotainment Service, buyer requires either dial USSD code * 173 * 3 # and follow the instructions or send specific keywords, such as “GO” and “OK” to the code 38436 and agree results confirm request (Double Opt-In). Only on the maintenance of the two out-in variable payment will be considered a subscriber to the Service in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. No charges will apply if the aforementioned confirmation process is complete. A subscriber can enter infotainment service by following the SMS prompts as standard candidates.

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The subscriber will automatically receive one SMS per day (Subscription SMS) through 38436 shortcode with the first day content charging 20 naira (including all taxes).

Who is eligible to participate?

The Service is open to all MTN customers living in Nigeria, participants must be 18 years or older to participate in this Service.

Takara hereby warrants and represents that he / she is:

  • At least 18 years old and eligible to participate in the Service in this way as being suitable anonymous contract under Nigerian law,
  • Attending,
  • Do perused and get a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the Service,
  • Most know & accept that the SMS sent on MTN platform in the course of participation in the Service will only count for the purpose of this Service where the same was duly charged in accordance with the terms and conditions,
  • best & agree that any funds used or spent participating in the Service is non-refundable.

MTN prepare the right to verify the eligibility of Participants will also confirm details about the participants as registered SIM registration process as the original MTN subscriber at all material times.

Participants now agree that personal data supplied when participating in the Service will be able to use the Organizer to monitor participation in the Service, to provide services to Participants from time to time, and evaluate service improvements.

How to win?

The point possession represent the number of entries he / she had to offer. The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning. The advantage of collecting more FAQs points, which invariably increases his / her chance to win via raffle draw.

Almost all of the messages you have, including your total points. If you simply want to remind you of your current balance, just send show 38427, gift. You will receive a free SMS with the total number of points accumulated.

To further increase your points and increase your chance of winning many other cash prizes, you can decide to join the premium level that gives you access to win great prizes (N1,000,000 daily and weekly N10,000,000) by sending VIP to 38427 for daily control N100.

Also, a nominal exist where you are in the draw to win a SUV in the monthly draw, by sending GO to 38426 and attend a daily subscription charge N20. All SMS sent to 38427 and 38436 are present.

What do you stand to win?

  • Daily Gift Prizes: Each day of the offer, one (1) winner will win the TV, Smart Phone Generator each present.
  • 500,000 Cash: Each week Offer one user will win 500,000 NGN cash through the draw.
  • 1,000,000 NGN Cash: A day 1 player will win N1, 000,000 NGN.
  • 10,000,000 NGN Cash: Each week of the offer, one winner will N10, 000,000 draw.
  • SUV: Each month, one (1) winner will emerge for a monthly prize of KIA Sportage SUV raffle draw.

How successful will make?

The next Monday after the end of a good time, daily and weekly winners will be chosen. (Gift period) refers to the daily and weekly present time.

  • For every prize available in the Prize, one winner and 10 runner-ups will be selected.
  • All winning will contact the organizer on the mobile phone number used to participate in the service. The Organizer will attempt to contact the winner at least 3 times a day for 1 week, between the hours of 9am and 8pm. If the winner cannot be contacted at this time, prevent & spare gifts & Organizer will attempt to contact the next runner up.
  • The winner will be required to provide proof of eligibility and enter a prize acceptance form (as requested by the Organizer) prizes can be collected. If the winner fails to provide sufficient proof that time, prevent and forfeits the prize and the next runner up was contacted.
  • To receive a grant, a win that has no outstanding debts to the Organizer, the need to prepare the debt within 3 days of being contacted by Organizer. If outstanding debts to stay in this period, the winner forfeits the prize.
  • If he beats all the runner-ups the gift, the gift was considered unclaimed, and remains at the disposal of the Organizer.
  • Winners agree to the publication of their names and / or images in any media or promotional material production Organizer. Such use is not enough to win a lawsuit damages.

Service Duration

Mega game will run for a period of one year through the end of the day Mega Hunt will be the 10th May 2017. The Service can offer.

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If Subscribers need more information about the Service and the terms and conditions he or she can call 180 from a mobile telephone into MTN’s mobile network.

All participants and Infotainment Subscribers can request that no further invitation SMS is sent to them by sending the keyword “cancel” or “Stop” to each of the services short codes 38427 or 38436.


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