Law Firms Recruiting In Nigeria – Legal Jobs Available Here

Law Firms Recruiting In Nigeria – Legal Jobs Available Here

Today, we want to show you available recruiting firms available in Law Firms of Nigeria 2019. Also you will be opportune to see more of legal work around the corner.

 Legal Jobs Available Here

Today, we’ll be running the rule on the legal blogs in Nigeria we feel are absolutely worth your time.


(1) The Nigeria Lawyer

Just as their catchy tag line “stay connected to legal matters” suggests, Thenigerialawyer is a go-to blog for Nigerian lawyers who wish to stay up to date with breaking news and titbits from the Nigerian legal industry. As a blog dedicated to Nigerian lawyers, Thenigerialawyer bears all that epitomizes the uniqueness of Nigerian legal practice seen from the insightful perspective of an insider.

And in recognition of the awareness needs of the more politically inclined lawyer, they do also have a certain bent for spicing things up with the latest election headlines. What’s more, they run a column for the latest legal job vacancies.

(2) Three Legals

For those who don’t know them, the ThreeLegals aren’t your regular legal bloggers. No, they’re on something of a pioneer mission with a rallying cry of bringing back the amusement in an otherwise unsatisfactorily solemn profession. They can crack you up with their roaring sense of humor, witty articles and lighthearted illustrations. Just as they describe themselves “we are a bunch of ‘unserious” lawyers with a ‘serious’ vision of creating a lively and fun-filled online community of Nigerian lawyers”, they do live up to the billing.

(3) Law Pavilion

As the name suggests, the LawPavilion is a legal website with the ultimate resource for all practice-ready lawyers looking to do serious business. LawPavilion is Africa’s leading electronic legal research and practice management solution designed to assist lawyers, judges, academics and students conduct painless and in-depth legal research from just about any device. In addition, it offers a wide range of products such as Electronic Law Reports, Solicitors Toolkit, etc. and an additional blog on its website offering relevant information to aid legal practitioners.

(4) Law Repository

Law repository is another fairly recent and yet exciting legal website with a goldmine of information to help lawyers elevate their legal practice in the 21st century. Currently, its site is undergoing modification to improve its overall features through the inclusion of such products as Online Law Report, Cloud Base Management System, and Office Management System. Integrated to its website, is an additional legal blog for providing lawyers with helpful legal resources and updates on breaking developments in legal practice.

(5) Law Student Hub

Law Student Hub is Nigeria’s leading and maiden non-gossip legal blog committed to helping law students everywhere excel in their studies at university and their careers as young lawyers. With an extensive global readership, we bring you the pick of study tips, advice on legal careers, law scholarships and most importantly, emerging trends in the legal industry and much more.


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