Free Tweakware for Android || VPN/Tweaker for all Networks

Free Tweakware for Android || VPN/Tweaker for all Networks
About Tweakware Android:

Tweakware for android, android VPN application.

Like the name says, 100% tweakable and can work with any network.

 How To Use

Easy Way: launch Tweakware, navigate to settings >> select bundled settings >> tick ‘use bundled setup >> choose a bundled setup option

Download below and enjoy 🙂

Free Tweakware for Android – Play Store Link:
Or see attached file below.

Free Tweakware for Android || VPN/Tweaker for all Networks

Currently working with MTN bis, Etisalat chat prepare spectranet some hidden tweaks

Free Tweakware for Android – You can select any of these settings from the bundled Set or if you have a tweaker just playing around agent tweak the settings to get it working again.

NB: Etisalat chat plan, you do not need to search any agent, you can only do reverese agent of the Tweakware address server (AVS), a 3128 port or a port specified .

In connection idleness can be fixed Keepalive option.

Go to Settings >> Network Settings >> Enable Keepalive and set the interval to a low value e.g set Keepalive interval to 5 and set Keepalive timeout to 15.

Any one experiencing this as a poster should do this as well.

 Latest Client Version: 0.6:

Free Tweakware for Android


– Added Google in-app payments

– Added option to check account status

– Added new MTN NG disease Set

– Fixed existing MTN NG disease Set

– Bug fixes

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