Forex Factory: News, Indicator, Trades | Forex Calendar, App & Login to Forex Trading

Forex Factory: News, Indicator, Trades | Forex Calendar, App & Login to Forex Trading

Trading on Forex is a Market on it’s own. Forex Markets and news is what this guide will talk about. Kindly see more details below here.

Forex Factory: News, Indicator, Trades

Forex Factory is designed exclusively for professional traders participating in the forex markets. Forex Factory’s mission – the ideal that drives every decision – is to keep traders connected to the markets, and to each other, in ways that positively influence their trading results.

Every trader should come away from Forex Factory with fresh ideas, more knowledge, and keen market awareness.

Forex Factory is not only dedicated to supporting traders, but it also defends against all that misinforms, deceives, or otherwise disadvantages traders. At Forex Factory, keeping the phony stuff out is as important as keeping the real stuff in.

The vision is for Forex Factory to be the purest, most information-rich forex-trading resource in the world. The most valuable information will be exchanged on these pages, accessible to every trader, at the same exact time, regardless of location, citizenship, or financial standing.

Forex Forums

The Forums product is home to more network activity than any other financial forum in the world. Traders from every country can be found interacting on the forums, sharing ideas, teaching, learning, debating, and swapping war stories.

Forex Trades

The Trades product is a window into the live brokerage accounts of thousands of traders, and a source of limitless insights and real-world education that can be capitalized by astute traders.

Forex Calendar

The Calendar product is so innovative that it literally changed the way financial calendars are made. Before Forex Factory, calendars didn’t have impact ratings, adjustable time zones, detail views, filters, links to event sources, real-time data releases, economic charts – and the list goes on.

Forex News

The News product introduced an entirely new approach to forex news, one which incorporates a wide-open submission policy with tight editorial controls.

Forex Market

The Market product consists of three innovative applications: Scanner, Chart, and Sessions.

Forex Brokers

The Brokers product is an advanced guide to properly-regulated forex brokers. The guide represents a breakthrough in the way traders research brokers, combining up-to-date information, extensive detail, and real-time spreads – all wrapped in a versatile interface.

Trade Explorer

The Trade Explorer is a web-based interface that empowers traders to intelligently analyze their trading performance. It not only allows for the evaluation of historic performance, but it also provides real-time analytical capabilities by automatically synchronizing with the connected brokerage account.

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