DLT Health Plus Superdose | DAABS | SAABFAT5 & SAABMAL for Treatments of Chronic Disease and Immune Boosting

DLT Health Plus Superdose | DAABS | SAABFAT5 & SAABMAL for Treatments of Chronic Disease and Immune Boosting

DLT Health Plus is a Company which is called Divine Leverage Team Ltd. Here this Company has come with the intention of reviving Man with Natural Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables and Leaves as a means of Herbal treatments.

Their Vision is to Return Humans Back to Live with Natural Herbs. Do you suffer from any sickness or diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Infections, Stroke, Hepatitis, and other chronic diseases?

This is where you need help as you order for any of this product. Our Contact to call is +2347060847718.


Treatment and Prevention of pathogenic infections and also boosting of the immune system.

Have you tried Using SuperDose Herbal Drugs for your Treatments? Yes Superdose have been recommended to work as a herbal therapy for the treatment of Chronic Infections.

NAFDAC Approved Product and working effectively. So now you can make an order for any of the product today


It rejuvenates the PANCREAS and restores the production of natural INSULIN, it a total detoxifying effect on all organs and systems of the body while influencing the metabolic process with general health improvements.


  • Blood purification
  • Prevention and treatment of Hepatitis (A-E) mostly B
  • Prevention and treatment of Hyperglucomia/High Blood Sugar
  • Facilitates quick recovery from stroke
  • Prevention and Treatment of High Blood Pressure
  • Prevention and Treatment of Infection (Viral, Fungi and Bacteria)
  • Good Weight Loss Management, Obesity
  • Treatment and Management of Anemia
  • Prevention and Treatment of Prostrate related issues


It contains high anti-oxidant activities that consume all free radicals, targeting Cancer formation and aging thereby helps in preventing and treating cancer, it stops the spread and formation of Cancer and other health challenges.


  • Detoxification
  • Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
  • Urinary Track Challenges
  • Treatment of Fatigue, Stress and Tiredness
  • Gout and General Body Pains
  • It strengthens the body
  • Prevent/treat Malaria and Typhoid


It is an Immunodulation agent to boost Immune System with the ability to give protein against Malaria and several other ailments.


  • Prevention and Treatment of Malaria/ Typhoid
  • Prevention and Treatment of Cold and FLU
  • Helps in the Treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Cleanses the Liver and good for all Liver Borne Disease
  • Treatment of Kidney Stone
  • Facilitate the treatment of Hepatitis

For More Information on this, Call +2347060847718.

Head Office: 126 Airport Road, Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

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