Divine Leverage Compensation Plans, Work Flow, Packages, Incentives/Award and How to Register

Divine Leverage Compensation Plans, Work Flow, Packages, Incentives/Award and How to Register

DLT HEALTHPLUS is the product base platform of DIVINE LEVERAGE TEAM LTD, a result of a synergy between DLT and Africa’s No 1 Herbal researcher, Universal Alternative Therapy Discovery (UATD) Herbal Resources. It’s an idea born out of a strong passion for Humanity with a desire to create health and wealth.

How it works

DLT HEALTH PLUS is a UNI-LEVEL 3×3 system with just 8 levels and you become an AMBASSADOR to enjoy royal and profit sharing for life.

compensation plans and work flow


Earning per CPT = N2,100
Minimum No of CPT (pp) = 1
Minimum No of people = 1


Earning per CPT = N2,340
Minimum No of CPT = 5
Minimum No of people = 4
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N2,880

Stage 2: CRYSTAL

Earning per CPT = N2,460
Minimum No of CPT = 80
Minimum No of people = 13
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N28,800

Stage 3: BRONZE

Earning per CPT = N2,580
Minimum No of CPT = 320
Minimum No of people = 40
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N115,200

Stage 4: SILVER

Earning per CPT = N2,700
Minimum No of CPT = 1280
Minimum No of people = 121
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N460,800

Stage 5: RUBY

Earning per CPT = N2,820
Minimum No of CPT = 5120
Minimum No of people = 364
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N1,843,200


Earning per CPT = N2,940
Minimum No of CPT = 20480
Minimum No of people = 1093
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N7,372,800

Stage 7: GOLD

Earning per CPT = N3,000
Minimum No of CPT = 81920
Minimum No of people = 3280
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N14,745,600

Stage 8: DIAMOND

Earning per CPT = N3,060
Minimum No of CPT = 327680
Minimum No of people = 9841
Minimum IP Bonus Earn = N58,982,400

Download Super Dose Herbal Capsule PDF File Here

How to Register

  • If you want to register, visit www.divineleverage.org
  • Create your account and fill the your details
  • Make a payment of any package you want to start with to their account Number
  • After payment, send your details to the Customer care line,
  • For more Details, Call/Whatsapp – 07060847718

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