Canada Needs 250,000 Workers | Apply Here on Express Entry Canada

Canada Needs 250,000 Workers | Apply Here on Express Entry Canada

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Canada needs over 250,000 new construction workers between now and the year 2021, says a leading industry organization.

The construction industry in Canada is growing at fast pace due to a booming natural resources trade as well as increased needs from the country’s population as a whole.

Canadians are retiring in larger and larger numbers, causing difficulty finding qualified candidates to replace workers in important sectors.

Canada Needs 250,000 Workers

This can potentially lead to construction delays which have the potential to negatively impact a number of important economic sectors.

By 2021, expanding activity adds 44,000 jobs in non-residential construction, while an estimated 8,000 jobs lost in residential. There are three distinct cycles across regions and sectors in the forecast period.

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Vacancies in many trades

There are also expected to be opportunities in commercial construction in Toronto over the next five years as well as in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario.


Buildforce Canada says that there are likely to be vacancies for

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