How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020

How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020

This is for Canada Visa Lottery and you will learn more on How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020. Would you like to see process for Canada Visa Lottery 2019? Then , you need to see through this article.

Canadian Visa Lottery – This magazine that is centered on the Canadian Visa Lottery 2019, was actually born from really want. A few days ago, I read an article about Canada Visa Lottery 2019/2020 Application Form, and I observe many persons are finding it difficult to register. This gave me the impression that the reason many persons finds it difficult was because do not know how to go about the it.

This article about How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020

Please i do strongly recommend that you complete the application process and will be announced, if your country to be eligible for Canada year over lottery 2019/2020, or if no changes were made by visa program. A good number of lottery visas are distributed each year to apply.

Contact  email

How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020

All interested applicants to pursue underlisted instructions listed below.

Want to visit the official application portal @

Then you complete the application form

Then you will be expected to submit your form to fill up.

For Australia, you are determined to use the US pounced access via Australians

Eligibility is a very important question that comes to mind when a search decides to apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018 is saying is, “I am excited for the Canadian lottery over 2019/2020.

If you leave and make sure that you meet the requirements for the program, you should definitely give it a try and it talks to you, that you ask the program.

Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2019/2020

For surgical recommendations, using random selection offer to apply for a Canadian Visa Lottery 2019 Application Form because it is the easiest and most cost effective way to get permanent residency status for Canadian.

All want to note that the number of visas that were made to each country differs not only still a possibility. Then the chances of winning the lottery usually not statistically high.

Which means all applicants stand a good chance pass by Canadian Visa Lottery 2019.

read this: Malaysia Visa Application 2019 | How to Apply for Malaysia Visa Online –

Please to be heard, you are on notice that there are work experience related requirements, educational and related needs, birth-related requirements and other requirements should be met to be eligible for the program. Any claim that the old are eligible for the application of the Canadian Visa Lottery 2019 if they meet job / educational criteria, can apply.

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Please those who cannot ask vividly and we need to help bring about How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019 the places you are confused about Canada Visa Lottery 2017, please email me via calendergist 

OR >> Click here <<< for visit the official website …


  1. Pl I still cannot get e application form for e Canadian visa lottery. Pl can you send me e link. Thanks

  2. OKONJI N. MARIAN says

    still cant view the link for the application form. pls kindly send the direct link to my email below:

  3. Hi there,

    We are Licensed, Government approved recruitment agency in Canada. We wish to inform you that Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce. If you have Candidates(SKILLED/UNSKILLED) who are looking for TEMPORARY WORK PERMIT in Canada or already have a JOB OFFER from a Canadian employer and are unsure of what to do next, we have the perfect tools to get you started. We would be happy to assist you with the process from the beginning to end. You are most welcome to contact us so we can help you explore your options.


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    (11) Food Production Worker (12) Manufacturing Assistant
    (13) store Manager, (14) Masseur (15) Store keepers
    (16) Chief Butcher, (17) Gardener (18) Electrician (19) Waiter/Waitress
    (20) Mechanic (21) Front Office (22) Chefs (23) Bar Manager (24) Store Keeper
    (25) Room Service (26) Banquet Manager (27) Factory Supervisor
    (26) Security Officer (27) Sales & Marketing Manager (28) Waiter/Waitress
    (29) Cashiers (30) Steward (31) Receptionist (32) Retail Manager


    1. Accommodation – Provided.
    2. Ticket -Provided.
    3. Medical – Provided.
    4. Transportation – Provided.
    5. Working hours – 8a.m-4p.m [Mon-Sat]
    6. Vacation – 28.5 days every year
    7. Salary/Wages – $25 per hour for Unskilled and $36 per hour for Skilled.
    8. Contract – 2 years.
    9. Extra time – $18 per hour
    10. Insurance & Pension – According to Quebec Labor laws.
    11. Other Benefits – Family Status, group benefit and other fringe benefits.
    12. We pay our foreign Clients $74 USD for each Candidate you deploy to us.
    13. Required number of candidates – 100 workers (Skilled and Unskilled)

    Employees will render 20% Charges for visa processing while the Employer takes care of the remaining 80%. All the Visa process takes 4-8 weeks after payment and confirmation of fee.
    We Give The Best In Recruitment, Through An Excellent Immigration Consulting Services. For any question, asking or query feel free to contact:

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  4. Plss I need the link for uk lottery form…thAnks

  5. kang lindabel ntube says

    please I wish to know the deadline for Canadian lotery. And the requirements. thank you

  6. kobham charles says

    I need the procedures how to apply for canadian visa

  7. oladimeji arinoye says

    I want to apply for the form but I don’t know how to do it

  8. I want 2 canadian DV lottery Worker skill visa Hotel waiter job, bt how 2 apply, plz help me,

  9. Esther morka says

    Please I need the link to the Canadian lottery. Also, how can I apply for the skilled and unskilled jog?

  10. Esther morka says

    Please I need the link to the Canadian lottery.

  11. Nwanosike Chidalu says

    I want Canadian DV lottery worker skill visa hotel waiter job, please how do i apply? am really in of it please help me.

  12. please i need the link pls help

  13. pls i need a link which is easy for me to fill the Canada visa lottery form.

  14. pls send me the link in my email address. thanks.

  15. Sulemana m nurudeen says

    Pls can you kindly send me the link to apply Canada visa lottery on these email ,

  16. IZUCHI NJOKU says

    Pls am interested how do i get the link? so i could fill the form.

  17. Peter segun okenla says

    pls help me out I need to stay in a country to start a Good life with my wife

    • alright, all you just need is to go through the information “how to apply for Visa Lottery in Canandian” and apply

  18. chukwudi ewuzie says

    Pls I don’t ry see the link can u send me the link

  19. Simon Mafany says

    Hi admin, thanks so much for your patience.
    Please, just want to ask for the link to apply for de Canadian DV Lottery programme.

  20. Simon Mafany says

    Please help me with the link

  21. Please i need the link to apply for the canadian visa, my email address is thanks

  22. Soje David says

    How do i apply for a work and live in Canada

  23. hi everybody, please bcareful this Web isn’t genuine don’t fall victim…they are scammed. Canada lottery would never ask anyone to pay a dear brothers and sisters becareful…be wise

  24. pls,this your information is just a scammer 95% ask for the form and the form not find why? am very sure this one is fraudulent .naija for fraud.

    • you have eyes but you cant see, i have drop the link so many times, why cant you go through the comments, but for this sake, i will be dropping it again, the link to the sites is

      • Good day Admin! I got the link but i would like u to help me with a guide on how to go about it and probably some few questions for u to clarify me;
        1. Please can u give me a clear cut directives how to play the Canadian visa lottery. That is, how to successfully enter my information and submit?
        2. When is the Canadian visa lottery usually launch. That is the time period allowed to submit entries and is it every year? For example, U. S. A is usually from 3 October to 3 November.
        3. When is one expected to receive or check the result? Or better still, how does one know he or she has won?
        Here is also my email if u don’t mind;

        • You have to make this inquiry to the rightful person who have known very well in and out of every information about Canadian Visa or rather you can call their customer care via the website

  25. mohamed abdalla says

    how can i apply canadian vissa lottery
    please help me

  26. Pls send me the Canadian lottery visa link to

  27. Matilda Nsowah- Amoako says

    Matilda Nsowah-Amoako. I wish to apply for the Canadian visa lottery and work perfectly for you by the strength and power given me by God Almighty.

  28. Agbakwuo Temple Ihunanya says

    am Temple, pls sir how can get d form. am interested of dat lottery visa, tank`s sir God bless u.

  29. thiolawumi oladele ojo says

    Am a photographer, can i apply, bcos I av intrest in canadian visa.

  30. Nwankwo ozioma says

    Pls am interested, how will I apply, could u send me the link via

  31. Pls my friend requested I find out facts about USA lottery visa. Pls send facts and link to

  32. Anthonia says

    Please kindly send the link to register for the Canadian lottory visa to my email

  33. Marvellous says

    Please I need to apply for the Canadian visa lottery.. Please kindly send me link via

  34. Marvellous says

    Please send me the link via

  35. how do I apply for the vise

  36. Ifeoma Ozumba says

    Pls cant get the link


    I’m interested

  38. Linda igwe says

    Please send the direct link for Canadian visa lottery.I have two kids below age of 5 and am happily married.I want to migrate with my family

  39. Agbakwuo Temple Ihunanya says

    I’m interested for lottery visa in Canada, pls sir. I need to apply pls send me link

  40. Tubi Oluwaseun says

    I’m a professional house painter while my wife is a professional hair stylist. Need a link please.

  41. Namundo cheek francisca says

    Sir.I have tried to look for the form for the Canadian visa lottery but I can.tell find to download pla. When I click where u send the link I can’t down load

  42. Kenny orji says

    Please sir I really want to apply for Canada lottery visa. How do I go about it sir, can you send me the link sir

  43. Kenny orji says

    Sir, am really interested in applying for Canadian visa lottery, please sir how do I go about it, please Sir can you send me the link

  44. Muxiyadin Maxamuud says

    How ican apply canadian visa lottery please Help Me

  45. muzaffar ahmed . says

    my name is muzaffar amed i belong to pakistan i apply to visa lottery 2017 i belong to ahmediyyah cammunity my e.mail adress no03153437122

  46. Emmanuel Tetteh says

    where is the form

  47. Silvan evakise vevanje says

    Good day
    I am Silvan Evakise Vevanje am from limbe Cameroon, I am interested in this lottery am 18yrs of age and also a Student and more important a Christian I worship in Word for life ministry.

  48. Amoson Tengbeh says

    I’m a Liberian, can I apply

  49. OMAR SANYANG says

    I want student visa lottery 2017/2018

  50. how are doing

  51. Asomadu chinenye says

    Hi, I just heard about this, is it still available

  52. Rebecca Omachonu says

    Please, I want to apply, send the form to this email:

  53. benn harmony says

    am interest too for a skilled worker visa please i would be glad to get the link too.. thanks alot
    mail is

    With regards to our Euro Travel Agency, you are required to send your Name, State/Country, phone number and “Reasons for Application” to our Agent Number +2347060847718 as you look foward to hear from our Human Resource Manager @ Euro Travel Agency for Proper Documentation and Method of Application both Online and Offline. For inquires, call +2347060847718
    Thanks for your participation
    Best regards to Euro travel
    Agency – Canadian Visa
    18th sept. 2017

  55. Lasisi Idayat says

    I need Canada visa for good work for a living.

  56. Admin… I can’t click on the site. Am a fashion designer ND am interested to work in Canada. pls u can help me out to send the site on my email
    09034012644.. thanks sir

  57. Mafossi kengne cynthia levine says

    I am mafossi kengne cynthia levine, l am an undergraduate from Cameroun. l want to apply for a student visa lottery l want to continue my studies in canada.This my phone “693449420” and my mail “Cynthiamafossi98@gmail”

  58. Pls am interested in the student lottery ,kindly send the form link for through my mail,

  59. Please am interested in the student lottery,kindly send the link for the application to me through my mail,

  60. Mohamud Isse says

    hi please help me am refugee in uganda. my number is +256791557392

  61. hi….pls is the canadian visa lottery still on..if its still on, how do i apply..i have been trying the link on your site for a while now and am not seeing anything online…could u pls send the link to my mail if it is still on..thanks

  62. hi…pls is the canadian lottery visa still on..if it is, how do i apply….i have been trying the link on your site for a while now and i have not really seen anything..could u pls send the link to my email if its stil available…thanks

  63. Fajembola Olatunji Olayinka says

    I am interested in Canadian visa lottery, please send the link to me @

  64. Hello, Sir i wish to apply for the canadian Lottory please can you send me the link? Thanks and waiting for ur respond..

  65. oyinloye John oluwatobi says

    I wish to apply for the visa

  66. Daramola dele says

    please how much will it cost me to process my entry into Canada.

  67. Nankabirwa stella says

    Hello am called Stella from Uganda.I really would want to apply for this lottery but the like cannot open. please what can i do. Guide me on this. Thanks so much.

  68. my name is benjamin a Nigerian by birth and south African by naturalization… I have a family of five and we would love to apply for canadian lottery visa.. pls send me the link or application form to I currently live in Johannesburg with my family.. tnx


    Living in Canada it is my dream

  70. Please I need to go apply for the Canadian visa lottery please can you please send the link to me on whatsapp 07054915814



    I’m a Nigerian. Can I apply?

  73. I’v tried to apply but cant get the link. please send the link to me @ thanks.

  74. nkemnkeng buddy nkeng tabong says

    Wishing to apply for a Canadian student Lottery visa

  75. mohamed farah says

    hello my name is mohamed farah from somali republic i would like to apply to apply canadian student visa lottery but i have no link please help me out
    my email:

  76. am in interested in Canadian v.isa lottery sir here is my email

  77. Ogunjimi omobola says

    I’m interested,please how do I go about it

  78. Mohamud Isse says

    hello am Mohamud Isse hashi am refugee in Kampala – Uganda, i need help to go to Canada to improve my education and work in Canada to give tax to Canada government and to improve My living condition in Canada so please and please help me to go to Canada.

  79. Mohamud Isse says

    my Email is: and my number is: +256791557392

  80. Eunice kuada says

    I’v tried to apply but I can’t get the link pls can you send it to my email

  81. Eunice kuada says

    Pls sir I want to apply for the canada lottery visa can you pls send the link to me on ma email

  82. SCholar edward says

    Please I wish to apply for Canada visa lottery,pls inbox me how to go about it. Thank you. My email is

  83. ishola babatunde says

    Pls sir,I like to apply for visa lottery

  84. Jesse Owusu Antwi Ntaadu says

    Please am willing to live and work in canada so please help me apply for the visa lottery 2017/2018. Am from Ghana.

  85. Prosper Okafor says

    Please l wish to apply, can you please send the link to this address

  86. Selamawit Gebre kiros says

    Pls help me to gat Canadian dv lottery form +125942036266

  87. then take the post down if you dont have the application form here and stop misleading people..admin

  88. I am tried to applay canada visa lottery but I can not get the link please can you send it My email

  89. Sayed Mohammad Rahim says

    Dear Lottery Visa Team,
    Its about 1 hour I am searching the form but I couldn’t find the form if you want to help please send any information to my email,
    Sayed Mohammad Rahim

  90. Mr eniola,
    pls can you send me the link sir to my e -mail {}

  91. Syed Ammar Ali says

    How can i fill visa lottery from 2017-2018?

  92. Adekunle Solomon Odebode says

    I need your help
    I want to apply for Canadian Visa lottery now because it my time.thank you

  93. Akpovi Oghale says

    Admin pls sir send me the official website for the canada visa lottery this is my email

  94. kimbeng lackshmi says

    Hi Please I can find a link for the Canadian lottery visa form

  95. Yusuff Hassan Usman says

    Yusuff Hassan Usman from Nigeria,West Africa and how can I apply for 2017/2018 Canada visa lottery ?pls kindly direct me to Canadian visa lottery and how to make a successful registration . Thanks.

  96. kimbeng lackshmi says

    Hi Please I can’t find a link for the Canadian lottery visa form

  97. akindele Tosin says

    please I still can login to the form site please send the form link to my gmail

  98. Samuel Akanbi says

    Am interested in this canadian visa lottery, please kindly share with e the link to register. my email: address:


    Canada is my dream country, i wish to live and settle down therein forever.
    I praY, may God help me to achieve this dream.

  100. Md Farhana Sahin bulbul says

    Dear sir
    I am md farhana sahin bulbul, citizenship Bangladeshi. I have been last 3 years working experience housekeeping in hamad international airport Qatar. 2 years working experience waiter hotel ruposhi bangla in Bangladesh. One year diploma food And beverage Bangladesh parjation corporation. I have good knowledge in English and good talking English. I have good attitude And hard worker. I want to get visa lottery so please help me how to get.

  101. please can you send me the link for canada visa lottery?

  102. zelalem zekarias says

    how i can get viisa lottery form?

  103. hawo hussein warsame says

    I want this apportunity l,m from somalia I,m intersting student visa loterry

  104. Eric Totaye is my name from Liberia.
    Am interested in the Canadian lottery program, please send me application link on my email:

  105. joel mbouda isambi says

    When is the Canadian visa lottery lunched and its dateline

  106. Please is the Canadian visa lottery on going?

  107. Enoch Dike says

    Sir; I humbly wish to apply for the Canada visa lottery but can’t get the form online; please is it available; and if yes; how do I get access to it to apply. I am a Nigerian; a public servant and wish to improve my skills to serve humanity.

  108. Asse Stherlyn says

    Hi.. I want to apply, can you send me the application link please ?

  109. odoh Thaddeus obiora says

    I am interested so help me to get the visa lottery, I promise to be honesty

  110. Please I need the direct link to the Canadian Visa lottery , u can send it to this

  111. I need link for for this Canadian visa, please help adim, my email is

  112. OK those who are looking for foreign visa
    contact me by whatssap: +22-967914856

  113. Simon peter says

    Pls i am interest for skill worker and I need the link for the form, pls help me send to my mail. Simonpetercare50@gmail

  114. razak fatai says

    pls am intrest for skill worker and i need the link for the form ,pls help me send to my mail pls am carterppiler operator

  115. njoku nwamuo nnamdi says

    i’m interested in canadian visa lottory

  116. ted Kazembe mwandwe says

    Hi everybody, would you please send me all details i need to apply for the canadian lottery.

  117. Sophia Nutakor Adedze kpodo says

    Hi I’m interested in Canadian visa send me any vital information I need to know.thanks

  118. Betelhem Atnafu says

    Hello! Am from Ethiopia I want to work and live in Canada please can send me information how to apply to Canadian visa lottery? Thank you!

  119. mohamad yusuf ALi says

    thanks hereby those audience society and commintee I wanna to saying alt of thanks

  120. Kanistan says

    Hi I’m interested in Canadian visa send me any vital information I need to know.thanks

  121. Hi plz send me canada immigration lottery visa application form .

  122. Hi plz send me canada immigration lottery visa application form plz send me again lottery visa

  123. Gute Arbeit. Danke.

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