5 Things You Should Lie About in a Relationship

5 Things You Should Lie About in a Relationship – When it comes to you and your significant other, a solid foundation for a relationship is built on a mixture of communication, connection, and trust. While you may be totally open and honest with your partner about all aspects of your life, there are certain instances when it may be OK, or even preferable, to lie to your partner. Even if you’re incredibly blunt with your friends and family, telling your romantic partner the cold hard truth of some situations can lead to bickering, fighting, and unnecessary tension. When speaking with your partner, always consider the impact of your words — is what you’re about to tell them truly important, or are there instances when a listening ear and a different attitude about the situation are more necessary than your hurtful (but possibly true) words? Here are five things that it’s OK to lie about to your romantic companion.

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