2019/2020 WAEC EXPO ON All Subjects THEORY & OBJ |question & Answers -2019 /2020

2019/2020 WAEC EXPO ON All Subjects THEORY & OBJ |question & Answers -2019 /2020

How often have you check for WAEC EXPO 2019 Version? Are you among those that want to write WAEC this year? Then a big way to see all the expo answers and questions is to read this guide.

We have come to make it very easy for only those candidates who are WAEC Candidates. Stay tune on this information and always make sure that you go through our information.

Waec 2019/2020 Examination Instructions (expo runs)

The  2019/2020 questions and answers loading………. A day before the exams…

Disclaimer: Don’t pay anyone money for anything that has to with expo… Be warned. Don’t send any money via bank account or recharge card to anyone claiming they are from US. we don’t do that. This post is for educational purpose only and nothing more.

Waec 2019/2020 expo runs, Runz English Language 1 & 2 Questions And Answers

In this article we shall teach you how to easily answer WAEC English questions with speed of light.
The use of English Language remains an important subject in WAEC, failing it means repeating or writing WAEC again next year But God forbid. That is why you must strive and try your very possible best to listen to all expo we are Going to put down here

  • Waec 2019 /2020 English Language Objective Questions
  • 2019/2020 Waec English Language Essay Questions And Answers.
  • Instructions To Pass 2019 /2020 Examination.

Before answering any WAEC questions you must first try to go through the instruction identify those questions which are compulsory and those which are optional.

  1. Only open your questions paper when told to start writing
  2. In the OBJ section you are expected to make use of HB pencil
  3. When you get to the theory section you can use a pen
  4. Don’t forget to go in with your best scientific calculator for other subjects, you don’t need that for English language.
  5. Make sure that your writting is clear and also bold.
  6. Never you allow any invigilator see you with expo, Runz or runs.

Scheme of 2019/2020 WAEC English language exams

This is how the 2019/2020 WAEC English paper will run. First we want you to know that there will be nothing new in the forth coming 2019/2020 WAEC exams in fact it will follow previous exams pattern. The English paper will be divided into 3 paper, that is we will have paper 1,paper 2 and paper 3.

Paper 1: in paper one you will be given about 80 questions which will be objective throughout and you are expected to answer these questions in less than 1 hour only. Marks =40

Paper 2: you will be give an essay, here WAEC will test your ability to understand a simple page.

You will be given less than 2 hours to answer the questions. Marks=100

Part 3: here you will be given test of oral
Time given will be less than 4 5 minutes and a total of 30 marks

What are the questions that WAEC will set in theory & essay 2019/2020 WAEC?

Those asking this burning question about what WAEC Expo will set in English language will be given a straight answer today.

The following questions am going to list below are types of questions you should expect, go through them and study them carefully.

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