2019/2020 Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment | Prisons.gov.ng Forms & Application Guidelines

Let’s bring you back and lecture you on 2019/2020 Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment. Here’s the simple way which you can apply for Prisons.gov.ng Forms.

To get the point very clear, Applicants are formally invited to register and apply for NPS 2019. This form is open and will continue till the dead line of this application.

Now my question is When Will Nigerian Prisons Service Starting?

It’s very clear that the application form is online. You just need follow the instructions and apply through Nigerian Prisons recruitment 2019 portal.

However, this recruitment is done by merit and qualification. Therefore you merited to become a Ptisons and security personnel if only you apply online.

Prisons.gov.ng Forms & Application Guidelines

There are other websites that you can as well use for the Applications. Do make sure that your url is correct.

Forms in Nigerian Custody can be visited on www.prisons.gov.ng or www.recruit.prisonsportal.com.ng.

Therefore read Nigerian Prisons Service news here and get ready to know the next stage of this recruitment which will be updates soon.

Also, if you need our help in Prisons latest News for the sake of this job, kindly comment below here and you will be among those that will get latest update from us.

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Prisons Recruitment Requirements – www.prisons.gov.ng

  1. Be a Nigerian Citizen By Birth
  2. Must be between 18-25 years of Age
  3. Tolerable in Character
  4. Must be above I.63 metres for both Male and Female
  5. Maintain a good health status

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